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No More Crazy Brow Days

Ever arrived to school or work with no time for makeup, only to glance in the mirror and realize your eyebrows are totally out of control? You’ll never have to worry about that happening again with a brow lamination in Chicago!

A brow lamination is essentially a brow perm that permanently shapes your eyebrows in an upward direction. Your brow hairs are straightened and set to keep them defined for a fuller and cleaner look. No more unruly hairs, no more crazy brow days. If you’re ever running late again, you won’t even need to glance in the mirror to know your brows are looking flawless and fabulous.

The Highlights

Sessions needed: Ongoing

Results duration: 6-8 weeks

Treatment category: Beauty

What it treats:

  • Unruly brows
  • Textured brows

What to Expect

The Brow Lamination Process

Step 1: Evaluation

When you arrive at your appointment, our aesthetician will evaluate your brows to make sure brow lamination is a suitable treatment for you. We will also clean the brows so that they're prime for shaping.

Step 2: Lamination

Our aesthetician applies a lifting cream to the brows to break down the bonds within the hairs. Then, we brush the hairs upward and fix them in place. Once they're in place, we add on a conditioner for moisture and softness. Finally, we wax away stray or excess hairs for a sculpted look to your eyebrows.

Step 3: Upkeep

Now that you have your spectacular brows, you can leave our appointment and enjoy them to the fullest! Eyebrow lamination lasts for up to two months, after which you'll need to return for another appointment. Rather than constantly shaping, waxing, and tweezing your brows, simply come in to see us for a single, relaxing appointment every other month.

Benefits of a Brow Lamination in Chicago

Low Maintenance

There’s no need to brush or set your brows with gel every morning to keep them in line.

Painless & Noninvasive

Unlike other treatments like microblading, brow lamination is a pain-free and noninvasive method to getting amazing brows.

Long-lasting Results

Your brows will be looking smoother and fuller for up to eight weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lamination in Chicago

Who is a good candidate for brow lamination?

How do I prepare for a brow lamination?

How do I care for my brows after a lamination?

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