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Live Boldly With Our Eyelash Extensions In Chicago

You have enough going on as is—ditch the hassle of daily mascara with eyelash extensions. Our extensions add length, volume, curl, and density to your lashes for boldness and beauty. At Pop Beauty Social, we only use our exclusive line of products to give you that distinctive pop to your look.

When you come in for your 45-minute appointment, you can choose a set that best complements you and your inner self. Feeling sexy? Bold? Sophisticated? Natural? Take your pick from our wide selection! And if you want to switch it up later? No problem. When you return for a fill, we’ll can reshape your set so it looks like the woman you decide you want to be.

Why Get Eyelash Extensions in Chicago?

Complete Customization

Each person’s beauty is unique, and our extensions can be tailored to fit your style.

Beautiful Results

Add some spice into your everyday look with effortlessly beautiful extensions.

Easy Maintenance

Wake up every morning with ready-to-go lashes! Simply return to your artist every few weeks for maintenance.

Meet Nancy

Nancy Torres began her eyelash endeavors with the creation of Poplash Studio in 2013, offering deluxe eyelash and brow services. The extraordinary quality of Nancy’s lashes spread through the Chicago community like wildfire, but Nancy wanted to set her sights higher to be able to serve her clientele for all of their beauty needs.

With a rebrand to Pop Beauty Social, Nancy expanded her services to include face and body aesthetic treatments and invited talented aestheticians to join her. Her medical spa has since been renowned for its chic atmosphere, contemporary treatments, and instant results.

“Let’s take things up a notch and elevate your look. Ditch the makeup, ladies!”

What to Expect

The Eyelash Extension Process

Step 1: Selection

We request that you arrive to your eyelash extension appointment in Chicago with clean and makeup-free lashes. Your lash specialist will go over various lash options with you and help you to choose from them. If you have a picture of your ideal lash look, that gives us a great frame of reference for tailoring your lashes!

Step 2: Application

Once you've decided on your lash look, it's time to let the expert take over! You'll lie down while our specialist carefully applies each synthetic eyelash to your natural lash using permanent adhesive. Since your lash artist has to individually place your lashes, the first appointment for a full set can take up to several hours. We encourage you to unwind and relax!

Step 3: Fills

Over the course of the next few weeks, a lot of your extensions will probably fall out—just as natural lashes do. The number of extensions that fall off typically depends on how well you care for them and how often you touch your eyes. Eyelash fills replace lost lashes to restore your set to that first appointment look.

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Pop Beauty Social

Looking to become that “it” girl? Pop Beauty Social is an acclaimed medical spa located in Chicago to help you do just that in an instant beauty fix. With our repertoire of face and body aesthetic services, the path to your ideal self is just around the corner. It’s not just wishful thinking—we can truly make your dreams a reality.

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