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Enhance Your Natural Beauty With A Lash Lift

Make the most out of the lashes you already have with our premium lash lift! A lash lift curls your lashes from the base to the tip for the appearance of longer, fuller, and denser lashes. For girls who prefer a more subtle, natural look, lash lifts are simple, long-lasting, and convenient.

Since it’s very similar to the well-known hair perm, a lash lift is also known as a lash perm. Your specialist uses a perming solution to break down the bonds in the lashes and reshape them into curls. The lift lasts for as long as your natural lashes do, so once they fall out, you’ll need to return for your follow-up. Go ahead and toss the mascara and lash curlers—you’ll never need them again!

The Highlights

Sessions Needed: Ongoing

Results Duration: 6-8 weeks

Treatment Category: Beauty

What it treats:

  • Thin lashes
  • Straight lashes

What to Expect

The Lash Lift Process

Step 1: Evaluation

We ask that you prepare by not wearing makeup on the day of your appointment. It gives us a clean canvas for our expert lash artist to work with. Typically, we also recommend not wearing contact lenses to avoid discomfort during the lift. At your appointment, we'll evaluate your lashes to make sure a lash lift is best for you.

Step 2: Lift

For your lash lift, our aesthetician uses a silicone mold on your lid as a shape for the lashes to stick to. Our aesthetician curls the lashes by applying the adhesive to your lashes over the mold. Then they separate out your lashes and use perming and setting solutions to finalize the curl. Once it's all said and done, you can leave our med spa with a simple and stunning lash lift!

Step 3: Aftercare

Proper care of your lashes means that they'll stay curled and defined for as long as possible. For the next 24 to 48 hours, you should avoid getting your lashes wet. Our aesthetician will provide you exact recommendations on post-lift care, but don't worry, following our instructions is far easier than applying mascara every day!

Why Get A Lash Lift in Chicago?

Natural Effect

An eyelash lift is perfect for those who just want to add a little pop into their everyday look.

Long-lasting Results

Lash lifts last for up to eight weeks for effortless beauty.

Low Maintenance

All you need to do is avoid oil-based products and gently cleanse and brush your lashes once a day!

Frequently Asked Questions About A Lash Lift In Chicago

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